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PATC Shenandoah

4.99 usd

The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC) has a long, proud history of producing quality mapping content for the Appalachian Trail community. To reach a new wave of technologically savvy outdoor enthusiasts, the PATC teamed up with International Mapping to create this interactive navigation application. Covering the entire Shenandoah National Park area, PATC-Shenandoah encompasses maps 9, 10, and 11 from the printed PATC map series. International Mapping surrounded these trusted trail maps with a variety of navigational tools and personal customization features to help make your visit to the Shenandoah National Park more enjoyable and memorable.Going on a hiking trip in Shenandoah National Park. Looking for an app to help you navigate all of the trails? Worried you will not have Wi-Fi access to access all of the information? Then this is the app for you as we have included everything you will need in the download!
Key Content Features:+ Full content of PATC Maps 9, 10 and 11+ Photos and descriptions for dozens of key locations throughout the park+ Points of Interest listings for over 1,000 locations in and around Shenandoah National Park
Key Features Include:+ GPS tracking of your location, even without WiFi or cell reception+ A revolutionary new trail navigation system+ Map tools including distance, bearing and compass+ Customized pins to record photos, comments, & locations along your hike, sharable via email with others who have the App + Detailed search capabilities by nearby locations and by type+ Identify the Latitude/Longitude or UTM Coordinate for any place on the map
PATC-Shenandoah was developed by International Mapping. To learn more visit:
Compatibility: + Requires Android OS Version 2.3.2 or later+ Requires 110 MB of available space on your SD Card (Internal or External).